Which is the best antiseptic liquid to use on kids?

Antiseptic Liquids are formulated especially for medical applications such as first-aid treatment to treat wounds, scratches, cuts and burns, preventing the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, and more. The chemical composition of effective antiseptic liquids such as Savlon Antiseptic Liquid can differ but they all kill bacteria, germs, fungi and prevent the transmission of diseases and infections. Antiseptic liquids are skin-friendly, however only Savlon Liquid causes no discomfort or a burning sensation. Unlike other antiseptic liquids, as Savlon Antiseptic Liquid contains active ingredients that not only kills germs but also causes no pain or burning sensation.

Using antiseptic liquids on kids requires special attention not only because it is paramount to avoid a burning sensation, but also something that has a pleasant fragrance. This is important because antiseptic liquids are not only used to clean wounds, scratches, cuts and burns but also to disinfect fabrics, toys and other objects and surfaces around the house.

Kids are prone to getting injured very often when they are out having fun and making the most out of their best years. It is therefore important to always have a quality antiseptic liquid handy which can be a valuable companion during such incidents.

Looking for the most suitable antiseptic liquid for kids in your home? Here are some of the qualities that you should look for when purchasing an antiseptic liquid for the little ones at home.

  • One of the most important qualities to look for when you are getting an antiseptic liquid for kids is one that offers optimal protection from germs but is gentle on the skin at the same time. Savlon Antiseptic Liquid is the only product that lives up to both qualities by offering 99.99% protection against germs, and also being gentle on the skin.
  • The trusted Savlon formula has been protecting Indian homes from disease and infection causing germs for over 50 years. It is not only trusted by parents but is also recognized and trusted by kids.
  • Besides treating scratches, burns and other minor wounds for kids and adults, the right antiseptic liquid for kids must also have other applications. These include being able to be used for bathing, laundry and more. Savlon Antiseptic Liquid has a pleasant fragrance and kills up to 99.99% germs which makes it an ideal choice for other important applications besides first aid.
  • Savlon Antiseptic Liquid is also an exceptionally easy to use product which makes it highly suitable for kids to carry out their own first-aid. Besides being gentle on the skin with no burning sensation, the instructions on the pack make it a convenient and user-friendly product for people of all ages especially children.