When FUT+FUE is Hair Transplant Performed

The problem of hair loss with a certain grade is sorted out by the respective feasible technique of the procedure has two different types, namely the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. The technique or method involvement in procedure requires the surgical sense and precision in order to obtain the best feasible number of grafts/hair roots to fulfil the need for the restoration procedure. The hair transplant in Delhi allows a patient to avail the plastic & cosmetic surgeries at a cheaper hair transplant cost in Delhi along with the benefits of the quality treatment performed by the best surgeons and doctors.

Nowadays, choosing the technique to receive the restoration procedure is a very special concern in order to get the feasible number of hair roots to fulfil the restoration job on the surgery. When the patient is affected by the small grade of baldness and the category of baldness fall under Norwood-I, II, or III it requires a small session of hair transplant that can perfectly perform with the FUE hair transplant. But, it doesn’t mean that FUT is not recommended in this particular case, the FUT is mostly a preferable technique when a patient achieves the maturity stage of baldness with the available stable donor area. The combined technique of the FUT+FUE is performed when the patient is affected by an extremely higher grade of Norwood baldness.

The hair loss problem taking its toll on patient’s looks and beauty and one may lose their self-confidence too; however, it is good to receive the surgical restoration and a much better option for those who have their best donor status with respect to obtaining the live hair grafts/follicular units.

Why should you select the combined technique of a FUT+FUE Hair Transplant?

There are many conditions that raise the need for the combined technique of the hair transplant procedure as follows:

  1. When the Norwood Grade is Extremely High: The combined technique of FUT+FUE hair transplant is performed when the Norwood grade of baldness is very high and requires a number of grafts to fulfil the restoration job. The bigger grade requires a maximum graft in order to cover the respective balding areas. The hair transplant surgery performed by the FUT+FUE technique makes it possible to receive the best number of hair roots, i.e., 4000 hair grafts just in a single session in order to cover the respective grade of baldness with the required density. The FUE method can only fulfil the requirement of 2500-2800 hair grafts/roots in a single session, whereas the rest maximum number of grafts is fulfilled by the FUT technique of the procedure.
  2. The need for High-density Hair Transplant: The need for high-density hair transplant can only be fulfilled by the placement of the maximum number of grafts even with a smaller grade of baldness. Therefore, it is required to perform the combined technique of hair transplant in a single session. The extraction of grafts in the hair transplant surgery requires an extreme sense of surgical understanding as well as the logical decision ability to use the present donor area according to the need and requirement of the grafts.
  3. When the donor area doesn’t have enough graft: In some cases, the patient doesn’t possess enough donor supply, hence the requirement of remaining grafts are fulfilled by the FUE method of hair transplant surgery. Some patients possess a weak donor supply with thin density, whereas some patients are blessed with a healthy donor supply. Therefore, the requirement of the grafts can be fulfilled by the combined technique of FUT+FUE hair transplant.
  4. To Perform the Mega/Gig Hair Transplant Session: The FUT+FUE hair transplant is performed when a patient requires the Mega/Giga hair transplant session in order to receive the best number of hair roots to meet the aesthetic requirement of the surgery. The /mega or Giga hair transplant is planned to perform in a single day with the extraction of a number of grafts hence the combined technique is performed. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant requires an aesthetic skill more than that of the surgical precision, but the surgical aspect has its own importance that makes it possible to obtain the best number of hair roots to meet the aesthetic demand of the surgery.