Health insurance is a must for everyone. It covers the medical expenses of the insured person and reimburses the expenses which were incurred during illness or injury. If you are an international student who has been living in York University Housing then here is why you should consider getting a health insurance plan.

Why do you need health insurance?

You must get health insurance for the period that you are going to be in the country. The institution would insist on getting a health insurance plan before they can accept your admission. Having a non-government sponsored insurance is not an option which is usually available to the international students. As healthcare costs are high, having insurance will help you to pay for the bill in case of any medical emergency. The amount paid would consist of taxes and deductibles. This amount is almost nothing compared to what you might have to pay when you don’t have insurance. Doctors tend to charge higher for consultation when you don’t possess a health insurance plan.

Health insurance plans for international students have dedicated benefits like coverage of pre-existing injuries, mental health, sports injuries, hospitalization and prescriptions. These insurance plans are highly specialized and only cover the students and not their families. The plan can be bought for the duration of the curse. As the students are usually young and healthy, the health insurance premiums are far more affordable and the payment can be broke down and paid throughout your stay.

What is the approximate cost for the health insurance for the international students?

Health insurance has been made mandatory for international students by the colleges and universities of Canada. The plan for students varies from location to location and also depends upon the insurance firm. The average yearly premium according to the Canada Insurance Plan ranges from $600 CAD to $900 CAD. Manulife Financial, TuGo, Allianz Global, Sun Life and Greenshield are some of the insurance firms that offer health insurance to international students.

What are the different types of international insurance plans?

  1. Health insurance: it is intended for the students who plan to pursue education in another country. It offers benefits like emergency medical evacuation, mental health and sports injuries.
  2. Travel Medical insurance: Usually valid for two years, it is meant for those people who are travelling abroad. It offers worldwide coverage and a better coverage at an affordable rate, travel assistance in the form of money transfer and coverage for family and dependent.
  3. Major Medical Insurance: it is a long term plan to be chosen if you plan to live in the country for at least a year. It is an annually renewable plan and covers you and your family. Long-term coverage, high policy amounts, flexible coverage options, childbirth coverage and pre-existing conditions or injuries are all covered under major medical insurance.