What are the Duties of a Bartender?

Bartending is more than making drinks and serving it to the customers. This may need skills and learning the ropes of the place you are working at. You may want to amp up on your skills at École du Bar de Montréal. This article will enlighten you on there is more to what meets the eye when it comes to bartending. Read on to know more.

  1. Welcome the customers to their bars with friendliness

No matter what day or weather it is, you need to greet every customer with a courteous smile. First impressions matter and they have always been essential in hospitality industry. Welcome the customers into the bar with a friendly face.

  1. Always check the guests’ identification to verify if they are of legal drinking age

Many people tend to make excuses to avoid being identified of their non-legal drinking age. Bartenders need to look out for such customers. If the customers are not of legal drinking age, they must not be served. You may suggest them to go back home and bring back the ID, or serve them a mocktail.

  1. Create and serve all types of drink, always remember the recipes

This is the most important duty of a bartender. All day, you will be asked to make numerous drinks. So, you will find yourself whipping classic cocktails, have them make up on the spot or even heating up some chocolate milk for a kid. This is the best part of this job that no day is ever the same.

  1. Process the customer bill payment as quickly as possible

It may sound inevitable but you need to get acquainted with the process with every option and trick to speed the payment process up.

  1. You need to replenish the stock and clean up the bar consistently

If you have asked for two vodka and cokes, but you just have a bottle left, such cases can simply be averted by staying alert and observant on what is low on stock and then running back to replenish the stock. Know that when you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

  1. Asking the customers if they need something or just socializing with them

There is a secret way to find out what they want to drink or eat. If the conversation is ongoing, they may feel more comfortable and may decide to stay longer and enjoy more drinks. This all leads to extra money for your business. All you need to do is up sell the drinks and snack items to the customers.