User Experience: The Brand New Branding Approach

Modern Branding

Emblem, mascot, colors and typefaces. They are some words that immediately come out if somebody mentions ‘branding’. Well, individuals are correct as branding involves people’s thought of certain company, product, or service. Getting a unique design surely helps business to distinguish itself in the others.

However, to determine a good branding that may convey exactly what a clients are about, we have to think past the visuals. People’s encounters would be the foundation of the look they form. It’s about how people feel once they communicate with the company, right from the start towards the finish.

Getting together with brands and merchandise is typically connected with research, trial, in addition to after purchase service experience. In the current atmosphere where technologies are getting good accessible and advanced, though, brand interaction is quickly relocating to digital channels. People’s initial knowledge about brands could be once they first open your site, download your business’ mobile application, or build relationships your brand on social networking. Here’s where user experience (UX) plays a component.

User Experience in Digital Branding

Maybe you have attempted to purchase something online, look for the product’s name, and finish up browsing within an shopping online website? Now, let’s say the web site looks cluttered with lots of buttons all around the homepage, have confusing navigation, and you just can’t decipher it? You’ll leave the web site immediately, without a doubt.

Poor website creates an impact the brand itself should be lousy. By neglecting the user experience aspect, brands may seem incompetent and hard to rely on. Meanwhile, great user experience could work being an excellent branding utility.

First of all, your brand website needs to be error free and never confusing for that users. Other important things will be to conserve a easy and intuitive navigation, in addition to obvious content and feedback. To make sure that these fundamental keys are satisfied, usability testing tools can be used to evaluate your website’s performance.

Further, user experience could be designed consistent with brand image to echo your brand identity. Great user experience also increases brand’s credibility, produce a consistent and reliable image, together with building customers’ trust and loyalty.

Effective Brand That Employs UX


Among a number of other travel companies and booking apps, Airbnb has the capacity to attract people into utilizing their service. It’s very popular, especially among youthful vacationers who’re eager look around the local setting of the destination. In addition to the unique selling proposition (USP), among the reason Airbnb is really popular is its outstanding user experience. UX continues to be the main focus of the organization right from the start, as possible seen using their consistent hiring of expertise designers and researchers. They’ve teams focusing on identifying UX problems and goals, map user flows, and building the applying prototype. In addition, additionally they put effort in localizing the user experience design. Consequently, the Airbnb website and mobile application come with an outstanding UX, even very first time user will found little problem booking accommodation by using it. Which, is an extremely good instance where company put UX in the centre of the trademark and appropriately generate positive outcomes from this.

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