Tips To Make Your Dental Practice Successful

The process of Dentist recruiting and personnel selection must be coherent with the company’s strategic planning in such a way that it is directed towards the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives. This process must be included in the planning because having qualified staff for the operation is a crucial point due to the need to have the suitable human capital to make the clinic a competitive organization since competitiveness and productivity is not a matter of machines and infrastructure; technology is indeed required, but to achieve quality and efficiency the most important thing is to have the right staff. That is why the human resources areas of dental practices are becoming increasingly important.

Dentist recruiting is even more confusing, frustrating, and fraught with emotional tension because how to do it, what questions to ask that will lead to choosing the right person for the position of secretary, dental assistant, etc., is an unknown dimension for them since dental schools do not teach the managerial techniques and skills useful in interviewing job candidates.

For this reason, it does not surprise the high turnover rate in this type of medical practice, six months – 1 year later; the new collaborators fail to meet expectations or become mediocre workers, and the Dentist wonders what happened, especially when he did meet the candidate’s salary aspiration.

In practice, a wide variety of disciplines and personalities coexist, with diverse interests and objectives. Therefore, choosing the right team contributes to the efficient operation of the course and the creation of an appropriate organizational climate.

The purpose of Dentists recruiting professionals is to present some techniques and strategies to select the most suitable personnel, based on the attitudes of the prospects. To do this, one must begin by understanding and knowing the different types of professionals that make up the clinic and how their work positively contributes to management.

In general, three profiles of human resources can be found within a clinic:

  • Physicians
  • Technicians and Paramedics
  • Administration personnel

Another aspect to consider is the complexity of the job description, personnel selection, and performance evaluation. Professionals working in dental clinics must be very clear about the organization’s goals and processes, determining these four aspects:

  • Characteristics of the work they perform.
  • Personal expectations.
  • Role within the organization.

It is also necessary to be clear about the responsibilities of each of the professionals within their work team to achieve an optimal administration and that this is reflected in excellent management. Getting all areas to work in alignment will have a positive impact on the quality of care.

It is good to remember that an excellent clinic cannot or should not be operated with mediocre or conformist staff. If you are focused on exceeding your patients’ expectations, you must hire exceptional people. To discover an outstanding team, you must spend time interviewing and asking the right questions. After all, winners surround themselves with other winners. It’s in your best interest to surround yourself with people who complement your talents.