The Relation Between Design And Branding

Many business owners consider a logo design as everything they need to do for branding. But successful Singapore brands know branding involves a lot more than just designing. However, we can avoid the importance of design in the whole branding process. Infact proper designing is one crucial thing for the entire branding strategy. Here are some essential things you should always keep in mind when designing for the branding strategy.

Logo should speak

The logo is an essential thing in any branding strategy. The logo acts as the face of your business for many users. So the logo design should be done in such a way that it gives a user an idea about the type of business you are running.

Colour schemes on the website

A minimalistic design that uses proper colours is an important thing to keep your website neat and impress the users with it. A complex site with off-puttingcolours can seriously damage your business reputation.


There should be no kind of conflict between the designs among various platforms. From logo to website and social media post, there should be uniqueness and uniformity. The uniformity among all models is essential to stop your users from getting confused.