Should you Register your Domain Name?

Maintaining an online presence is important for businesses. Registering a domain name is one of the first steps to take when building a presence online and help you gain additional exposure by making your website easier for your target audience to find. There are a lot of reasons to register .sg domain such as:

Having a Domain that People can Remember

Choosing a fitting domain name helps people find your website online. It is important to pick a name relevant to your site’s content to add memorability and credibility to your internet presence. Also, this increases your visitors by making it easy for them to find your site.

Getting Personalised Email Addresses

Having a registered domain name offers you an unlimited number of personalised email addresses. After the @symbol is your domain name and you can pick anything to precede the symbol to have a personal and memorable email.

Adding Sub-Domains

When you register your domain name, you can add as many sub-domains as you like. Sub-domains are prefixes for your main domain name like They contain their own unique web page that you can use for domain forwarding to other websites and can still offer unique email addresses like