Motorcycle Finance Options with Yamaha

Most people struggle with making big decisions in life. Which apartment shall I rent? Should I be saving more? Where shall I get my healthcare? Shall I get married? Struggling with big decisions is OK, as it means you care, and you are giving serious thought to your options. Taking the time to research properly and getting second or third opinions is important to ensure you make the correct decision.

Buying a motorcycle is no different. There are countless factors to consider before parting with your hard-earned dollars, and these days there are many ways to go about purchasing your new favourite toy.

For example, if you really can’t wait and want to ride away on your dream bike today, an option such as Yamaha motorcycle finance could give you that freedom to get out there that little bit sooner.

Which Motorbike Should I Buy?

So if the finances are sorted, how on earth do you decide which bike to buy? There’re so many models, brands, shapes, engines, tyres etc… It’s important to think carefully and seek advice if you need to.

The most important issue to consider is the terrain you intend to ride on, as this will be the biggest factor that affects your purchase. Ask yourself what am I going to do on this motorcycle?

Are you riding the trials and mountain paths of your local national parks? If so, lucky you! You most definitely don’t want a heavy bike with slick tyres.

If you’re planning on riding the Great Ocean Road, then something comfortable, reliable with high mpg is preferable. If you’re riding in the outback, away from civilization for a few days, then an adventure bike is probably a good idea.

Discover Types of Motorcycle

The three main types of motorcycle on offer commercially are:

  • Road bikes – Designed to grip to the road, for speed, for aerodynamic ability and with good brakes.
  • Off-road bikes – Designed for mud, gravel, sand, wet conditions – ideal for trails and paths.
  • Adventure bikes – Designed to be versatile in both environments but usually lean toward road bike characteristics.

The way these differences manifest in the design include:

  • Weight – Off-road bikes tend to be considerably lighter due to the fact they are used in motocross racing, so power to weight is everything.
  • Gas tank size – Road bikes often need to travel for hundreds of miles in between fills, so a large tank is essential. Off-road bikes on the other hand often have a small to medium-sized tank to keep weight down.
  • Tires – Arguably the greatest difference between on-road and off-road motorbikes. For maximum grip and fuel efficiency, road tires have smooth tires with no grooves. This maximises the amount of rubber touching the road therefore increased grip, traction and fuel efficiency. Off-road tires, on the other hand, have specially designed ‘knobby’ tires that dig into the mud or gravel of an off-road trail, increasing traction exponentially.

Whatever type of bike you want, make sure you are adequately insured.