How To Pass Drug Tests For Your Hair And Hair Follicles

Not too long ago hair tests were not so popular as they are today. Employers asked their workers to do blood and urine examination more often because these were the ones that were able to show a lot more results and conditions than any others.

For example, the blood choice is able to detect serious medical conditions which might be important for the employer. The urine sample is also something that is able to show what’s going on with the body and what kind of life this person practices. Learn more about what can you find out from a urine test here.

The hair option is being the primary option lately because of its ability to uncover drug uses in the past three months which is a long period of time. Basically, two checkups during the year can show if the person is a drug user or not. Of course, unless you find a way to hide this under the pillow.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to successfully pass the follicle test without being caught using any narcotics, but first, let’s learn how it is done and what you need to have in mind

How hair test is made and what it means?

Your hair grows at a slow rate of 0.5 inches per month. The way is pretty same as your lawn grass grows. It feeds of the nutrition from the soil and grows. Imagine your scalp as the ground. It has a lot of great nutrition, proteins, fats, water, and everything else the rest of your body contains. When it grows it pulls up with itself everything there inside.

Among the other things, there are drug particles being there as leftovers from the last time you consumed. Even it was just a small dose, your blood is able to pass it everywhere and some of it gets stuck in the follicles. As they grow out of the shaft, they become visible for the public. Of course, not with the naked eye, but under special lab conditions, it can be seen and with it, the doctors can prove that you’ve been taking drugs.

What’s worse, they are able to detect the exact time when you did it. How? Well as the follicle grows it pulls the drug particle with itself. If you stopped taking after that, only the part that grew when you were consuming will have the proper amount, the rest of it will have less of it and that’s how the doctors know when and how much you took.

How to pass the test?

There are more different ways to pass the blood and urine tests but it’s a little more complex with the hair. Blood and urine can be filtered and flushed out of our body, but the hair stays no matter what you do. Even if you decide to cut it to the shaft, there’s still some staying inside your scalp that can be detected.

The only way is to wash your hair regularly. Not with the everyday shampoo that you use for personal needs, but with a special detox one. There are more shampoos made for this occasion but the best detox shampoo is clearly the Aloe Toxin Rid. It is proven to work and is able to completely remove all toxins from it. The only problem is – you need to follow the rules and the prescription in order to have truly great results.

What you need to do is give yourself some time prior to the test or – even better – use it all the time if you are a regular drug user. The time to completely get rid of all toxins from the follicles is around 10 days. During this time you need to wash thoroughly your hair up to 4 times a day. Yes, it’s a bit too much but this is the price that you need to pay if you want to keep your job and still enjoy during the weekend.

Still, it’s not enough just to put the shampoo and rinse. You need to make sure the shampoo gets deep inside your skin and washes the whole thing. As we already said, the most important part is the hair coming out of the shaft. This is the part that lab practitioners will focus the most on. It shows any drug use from the day you’re doing the test and up to 90 days before it. Make sure you cover everything and your head is completely clean.

What’s good in this shampoo is that you can use it daily as your regular one. It doesn’t damage the hair and you can smoke some pot every day without being caught by a surprise examination. Basically, once you do the 10-day routine and completely clean yourself from toxins, you can continue with normal maintenance. If you consume and wash properly every day, be sure that no one will notice you’re into this.

Is it proven to work?

Yes, it is. Just open the internet and find reviews about it. It’s like magic. Its success rate is 99,9% if you follow the instructions. There’s no way anyone to find out if you take care of yourself. However, doing sloppy work will only leave you spending money and losing your job. So make sure you do it the right way.

There are other shampoos too. They all have a good success rate but they differ from each other in some parts. For example, the Test Pass shampoo only masks the toxins and it doesn’t clean them from you. Sure, it’s an option to pass the moment, but it’s not the perfect solution.

Our conclusion would be to take this shampoo even if it’s a little less affordable than others because it’s the best cleaner. Be aware that not all detox shampoos are able to clean the drug particles. Don’t buy any detox shampoo. Make sure they are able to clean the drugs off you.