How to Choose a School for Your Expat Child in Thailand

Moving to a new country and finding a school for your child may seem like a daunting experience but many parents have done this in more than one country. Expat kids in Thailand must find a school that suits them. When it comes down to choosing an institute of education in the kingdom, expat parents have lots of options. This article gives you an insight into schools in Thailand.

International Schools

We’ll start at the top end and have a look at international schools. If you are looking for an American international school in Bangkok, or British, or Australian, you’ll have no trouble finding them. There is plenty of options to choose from and most are located in the capital.

All of these schools are accredited by external governing bodies and have high standards of education. They offer state of the art facilities, great teachers, a foreign curriculum, and students who come from every corner of the globe. For obvious reasons, they are the most expensive option.

Private Schools

Another option in Thailand is private schools. Some of these schools follow the ministry of education curriculum while others integrate this with an international programme. A private school in Thailand is also known as a bilingual school as they teach in both Thai and English.

Standards of education and the facilities offered at these schools are higher than their public counterparts. They usually hire foreign teachers as well as Thai teachers, so your child has access to educators who teach in more than one language.

Private schools are a good alternative if you cannot afford international school fees. They provide a good standard of education for a reasonable price.

Public Schools

Last on the list is public schools which are run by the state and cater for all kinds of students. Public schools only follow a curriculum set out by the ministry of education and they rarely if ever employ foreign teachers because of their budget.

The standard of education they provide is based on their location as some are rural and others are urban.

When choosing a school for your child, you’ve got a lot of factors to consider. Money is always going to be a major factor as some international school fees are quite expensive. Private or bilingual schools are a good alternative, but international schools still sit at the top of the pile. If neither is an option, certain public schools should be considered.