Fixed and variable paylines and gamble features

Do you know anything about variables and fixed pay lines in relation to slot machine? Those are some of the features that situs judi slot terpercaya should have.

Gamble feature

Though it is not something that is not on all the slot games, it is a slot feature that tends to be common. Players can take the advantage of the gamble feature when they win, as they happen to have an option of trying to risk the payout in simple black or red, low or high game. When you happen to win in the gamble feature, you end up doubling up. But when you end up losing, it will be everything.

Some of the slot machine games are allowed to risk a certain percentage of your payout instead of the entire amount.

The variable and fixed pay lines

During the old one-man armed bandits, the prizes used to be based on having to line up three to about five of similar symbols which ran across the middle. The center line is a pay line and nothing tends to count below or above.

Most of the slot games nowadays tend to go past the pay lines. Currently, the slot machine has a pay line feature whereby the winning pay line zigzag across the reels. Slots that have pay line feature come in two versions

  • Fixed pay lines: They are the ones which require a bet on each line. If it is a slot with a 20 pay line it means that all the 20 will be in play.
  • Variable pay lines:You can decide to have the number of lines which you want to bet on. An example is where you are having a 20 pay line machine, you can end up betting on one line or all just ten lines and much more. You will need to pay for each of the line.

Slots that are known to have different pay lines can be quite confusing as the pay lines which win can vary from one slot to the next.