Easiest Bridal Hair Updos That Camouflage the Problems of Having Thin Hair

You will hardly find bridesmaids or a wannabe bride who would not prefer choosing a hairstyle that fits their faces and dress. You may love to keep your hair straight and sleek or do braids and buns. But having thin or scant hair can be a hindrance to get the look that you have been looking for. However, some incredible hairdo options can camouflage this problem of yours. Take a few minutes to read on and choose your style.

Wavy Low Bun

Wearing your hair down is the trick to make your strands appear thicker. It looks more convincing if you curl a few strands and create a wavy look. For that bridal hair look, you can simply curl some locks and pin back your hair for a neat bun.

Twisted Updo

You can choose slight bouffant and elegant strings to create a bun with blending and intersecting twists. An updo is little intricate and time consuming to develop. However, having a twisted updo would make for a tasteful choice for your wedding, prom nights, and just about any formal occasion. It camouflages your thin hair for sure. You can also consider backcombing to increase the volume of your hair. But try this trick only if you have sufficient hair in the crown area.

Curls and Side Braids

A side part hairdo, with curls on aside, is a brilliant way to make your thinning hair look voluminous and bouncy. In this styling, keep tight braids on the other side. This can surprisingly cover-up for your lacunae of thinning hair.

Twists and Curls

Are you having scanty hair on your crown area? Try adding soft curls to your locks with a twisted middle part. Curls of any kind can almost magically make your hair look bouncier and heavier. Also, adding some tiny hair accessories with a floral motif can make this look one of its kind.

The Classic Slick Look

The wet look hairstyle is dominating the fashion world right now. It seems to stay here for quite a while. A bolder new-age bride liking a ‘minimalist’ look would love to wear on her big day as well. And if you have fine hair, then you have more than a reason to consider it.  First of all, having a wet look makes it appear that you have purposely made an effort to tone down your voluminous hair. As you know, no matter the thickness of your hair, this hairstyle makes it appear flattered. Also, sleek hair does not need any jewelry or accessory for adornment. This makes for a no-nonsense hairstyle that quite akin to your individuality.

Sleek Front with Middle Part

Last but never the least, this is the easiest bridesmaids and bridal hairstyle to cope with having finer hair on the crown area. The sleek front makes for a very sophisticated addition. It goes well with just about any type of bridal wear that you are choosing. And having a neat middle part is a trick for girls having scant hair on their crowns.