Custom Embroidered Patches, Adding A Personal Touch To Your Clothing

Embroidery is an old craft, practiced since ages in Asian countries like – India, China, Japan, etc. and due to globalizing, has gained buyers and popularity all across the world. Now embroidery is available worldwide at reasonable rates.

How is embroidery done?

The traditional embroidery method was simple but time and labour intensive, a craftsman has to stitch the design on the base fabric by hand. Industrialisation changed all that, nowadays, the designs are sewn by “Computer Numerically Controlled(CNC) Sewing Machines” and are then-

  • Stitched on the base fabric by hand or another machine.
  • Glued to the fabric.
  • Glue and heat treated and then pressed to strengthen the bond.
  • Attached to the base fabric via Velcro.

Why use embroidery –

  • Embroidery is basically used to add a personal touch to the clothing article one owns.
  • It can be used to utilize the pop-out ( 3-D) effect it creates on the fabric.
  • It can be used to attach materials like pearls, beads, wood, Squills, etc. for decorative purpose, something which cannot be done by ink printing.
  • It can be used to decorate sensitive materials like satin or jute, on which printing will be impractical
  • Can be used to reinforce the material, providing extra strength to the delicate fabrics

Where can embroidered articles be used –

  • For decoration on cloths
  • As a gift
  • To make banners
  • Marketing events – For etching logos in order to grab attension or build brand image

Embroidery can be an easy way to personalize and to stand out and several companies offer embroidered articles for sale. If one wants custom embroidered patches to there are some companies that would do just that, one just has to submit their design and pay, the article would be delievered in no time. So, go ahead, an experiment in the wide world of embroidery.